March 5, 2009

tHurSdAy uPdAte

Hope everyone is having a good week - I can't believe
it's nearly over!
I had a few minutes so I listed these three
in my etsy shop just a little while ago.

A funky little pear pin. I just love the freshness
of this green paper.

A cupcake ornament reminds me to
take time to enjoy life.

And an orange cat nightlight with "my kitty"
snipped out of vintage text. Just click on the
picture for a better look.

Thank you for the wonderful response to
the earrings and box lid collages I listed the other day. They have all
sold - yiPpEe! I really enjoyed creating them so I plan on making more
really soon. Hopefully tonight I'll get to start. I have a ton of pesky office
work to do. I'm just going to have to learn to divide and manage
my time better. Ugh.

eLijAh just woke up. Here we go again :) :):)

iN jOy,


Chrissie Grace said...

These are all very pretty. I also really like the earrings below:)
Chrissie Grace

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I love the kitty light! Have a nice weekend!!

Jenn said...

the earrings were so spectacular!! I need some in the near future;) Let me know if you figure out that time management stuff...**wink wink**