March 2, 2009


haPpy mOnDay! We woke up to 7 inches of snow
this morning. I didn't think to get pics, but then,
I figured everyone was tired of
seeing snow :)
I added these items to my
etsy shop today:

box lid wall hanging 3 X 2
"a princess"
also inspired by jeNn of noodle and lou studio
and finally some shamrock pins for
sT. pAtRicKs dAy! I've got a bit of
irish in me (and some scottish, german, polish, and english too) so
I always feel compelled to make a few of
these each year.
I've also got some earrings in the works. I'll let you know
when I get those finished and up.
Today was eLijAh's 18 month check up. He passed
with flying colors. I think as a parent I always worry
that I'm doing something or not doing something that might be
hindering his growth - physically, intellectually,
and emotionally. I'm finally realizing that he teaches me
what I need to give him.
Wishing you a wonderful week!
iN jOy,


Jenn said...

SHUT UP!!!! (in a good way)
You are so sweet...thanks for the love:) these are 100% adorable. The rings turned out so cute and I am so loving the wall hangings! soooo great to see your wonderful creations again:) xoxo...jenn

Soggy Dog said...

Hi Suz!
So glad you are back creating things... I miss seeing all your little cuties. I love the rings and the adorable princess dress! Hurray for Elijah and his 18 month check up!!! Before you know it - he'll be getting his physical for kindergarten.... yi yi yi - they grow up so fast! Anyway - Keep making the cuties! :) - Kim

Jill said...

love the rings! adorable!