March 20, 2009


I have two hOorAys today!
The first is:
haPpy sPriNg!
To celebrate warmer days and the new life that is appearing
all around me I'm having a GIVEAWAY!
Just leave a comment on this blog post telling me
what your favorite spring thing is and you're entered!
Your prize will be this funky bird ornament - yiPpeE!!!
I'll announce the winner next friday, march 27th.

The second hOoray is:
This blue heart pin made it on the
FRONT PAGE of etsy - yiPpEe!!!
A HUGE thank you to sweet jeN deDonAto of colorfly studio
for spotting this!
Be sure to check out her fabulous blog and etsy shop - she is
truly an inspiration!
I appreciate her work so much being a huge fan of paper myself :)

Click here to see this playful treasury by the fabulous maisyandalice - so many great things!
I've got some new pieces in the works and lots of ideas banging around
in my noggin.
One bit of sad news. My step-father biLL is not doing so well (we just got back from a visit).
He's had COPD for several years and it's been getting
the best of him lately. If you can, just send a good thought
his way, he really could use it.
Wishing you a fantastic weekend!
iN jOy,


ellie said...

Oh SUZ! WOOHOO! I am so excited for you! That is so cool. I love that more and more people are getting to experience that special whimsical energy that is you! Well done, my friend.
Sending lots of white energy to Bill. I am sure that is tough on everyone.
BTW, I love my 2 newest Suz pear magnet and earrings. Awesome as usual. Does everyone know that you can make the pins as magnets? One can never have too many magnets!
Lots of love...

Jill said...

favorite thing about spring: warm enough to wear flip flops but still cool enough to be jeans weather

praying for father in law

congrats on the front page!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

SUz, congrats on making the front page. I love all of the things you create. You were MIA for a long long time and it's so nice to see back here and on STJ's. Hooray, for all of your Spring and Easter items. They give me wonderful thoughts of Spring which I am so ready for.


ButterCup said...

ohhhh, so cute! I love it.
Happy Spring :)

tiffany said...

my favorite thing about spring is that it is now warm enough here in CT for flea markets again (my favorite one opens tomorrow & I will be there)
Love your stuff,

Adriana Whitney said...

Congratulations on making the fron page!! yay.
My favorite this about spring is that we can play outside after dinner with my girls and it is not so dark like in winter and not so hot like summer.
I hope your steo father gets better, sending him love from Houston♥

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Congratulations Suz!! Thant's pretty incredible!:) Love your spring birdie. I am so ready for spring.:) Glad you found the paint books for Elijah.:) Hope you had a great weekend.:) hugs, Amy