February 15, 2009

baCk tO pLeRk!

hello! I'm back to plerk and it feels great!
You're probably wondering what exactly is "plerk".
It's a verb used by my friend eLeAnor that combines play and work.
I just love it!
Below are pieces of my "canvas". They're papier mache
bits that I cut, collage, and paint.

These are pieces in progress. The houses will be donations for a silent auction to benefit our local children's playhouse.

I'm disappointed I wasn't able to participate in this sPoOkytiMe jiNgLes update but I've got some fun ideas brewing for mArch. Hmmm.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

iN jOy,



ellie said...

It sure is fab when you plerk!
Great to have you back.
love you!

Carmen said...

These look great! So good to see you!!!

Julie-ann said...

Love you art work, very bright and youthful. Bouncy and light with lots of colour!
Cheerful, thats what I am looking for!