October 31, 2008

nUmBer 100 & haPpy haLLoWeen!!!

hi! Well they are finally here. My 100th post and haLLoWeen, yiPpEe!!!
So my first announcement, in honor of haLLoWeen, everything in aah! sUrpRiSe deLiGht jOy is 1/2 off, everything! Wait for a revised invoice from me from PayPal before you pay.
Secondly, to celebrate my 100th post and to thank you all for your sweet comments and support during this year I'm having a surprise giveaway. It will be a chRiStmAs ornament for sure but what it will be is a surprise to both you and me :) Just leave a little comment and you'll be entered in the drawing to be held on noVemBer 3rd.
Lastly, wishing you all a haLLoWeEn filled with magic.
iN jOy,


Dani' said...

aww! I browsed your etsy shop and I really like the scaredy cat ornament.

ellene said...

Hi suz :)
thanks for the link! I love your work ~

JAN said...

Happy Halloween to you :)

Amy Short said...

Wow!! 100 posts?!?! That is so cool!! Congrats! :o) Amy

Victorian Lady said...

Yeah! :) Congratulations Suz! :) What was that CUTE baby boy for Halloween?


ellie said...

What commitment! 100! That is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing your talent, your perceptive and your thoughts. You are so special!
love, ellie

Elma said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Have a great week.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Happy 100th! It's good to see you settled in from the move.