September 8, 2008

pOppiN' iN

Hi! Just thought I'd say hello and show you my new eBay listing:

In the next week or two, with the help of aNNeTte, I'll be creating a new look for my blog. Maybe I'll actually keep it for awhile. I just get so antsy and bored with things I need change all the time it seems. Ah, welcome to my world!'s a little cutie that will be for sale in my sPOoKytiMe jiNgLes update on Saturday:

Hope all is well with everyone! I'm off to work on Halloween (insert ridiculous evil laugh)!

iN jOy,



Ginny Diezel said...

Oh Suz! What a cute little guy! I love him!

elma said...

Love him !! :)

LuLu said...

Bonjour Suz! Long time no talk! Ohhhhhh! I LOVE your new Halloween banner! It is the best and I am jealous! And your Halloween new pieces are wonderful, especially your little spiders ACEO. You inspire me, gotta go and work on MY Halloween creations ;-p Take care! LuLu

Fantastic Figments said...

heheh does he live in the haunted house... ohh evil little guy haha. jk love the work I am so glad I came upon your blog :)


Heather said...

oo, that spooky house is wonderful!~