August 29, 2008

gUeSs wHo...

...gUess wHo's ONE! Mr. eLijAh! We celebrated in a small way this past weekend with my in laws since they came down from WVA. Tomorrow we head to my sister's to celebrate with my family. Lucky duck - he has two birthdays! We gave him his first piece of cake ever - homemade chocolate with my Nana's special chocolate butter cream frosting - we think he liked it - it certainly made quite the mess! He really enjoyed himself and was a happy camper all day. His first present - a box of packing supplies, bubble wrap, tissue, etc. really was a hit! My husband is an avid gun man so he had to get eLijAh his first BB gun. NO worries, it's in our gun safe for safe keeping until he's old enough - 18 maybe?

I listed these three ornaments today in my etsy shop,

and listed this ACEO on eBay today too.
Well, what have I've been up to - a little bit of this and that. It felt great to take a little time off and now it's time to move ahead - my favorite time of year is fast approaching, I can just feel it! I have lots more pictures to share and many late thank yous for awards that have been given me. It feels great to be back and I'll be visiting you all soon - I've missed you!

iN jOy,



~dani~ said...

Beautiful baby!! OMG he is just sweet buttercream covered perfection!!! God bless your lil sweetpea on his 1st!!

And your new pieces just really make me smile, they always do. That bat is hysterically sweet and I had to bid on your aceo as I just adore that skully! xoxo's~ dani~

Victorian Lady said...

Happy Birthday Little Guy!!! He just couldn't be any cuter! :)