July 22, 2008

tAkiNg a bReAk

hi everyone! I'm taking a break from blogland and from my etsy shop for a couple of weeks. I just need some time to recharge my creative batteries. I'll be back soon to announce the reopening of my etsy shop. Actually, my tentative date will be fRidAy aUgUst 1st.

I leave you with some pics of eLijAh :) He'll be eleven months on thursday, I still find it hard to believe he's really here sometimes.
iN jOy,


~dani~ said...

Oh honey what a beautiful boy! Enjoy your time away and enjoy some down time.

Sneak in a lil xo for me for that sweetpea Elijah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suz,
Elijah is a doll!!! My Holly is 8 yrs. old and sometimes I still can't believe she's all mine!! See you in August. Enjoy your break! Amy Wingate.

Adriana Whitney said...

Have fun and Super recharge your batteries. Elijah is so beautiful!!
You don't have to post it but I want to give you an award. Come to my blog to get it.
Adri :)

Krissysart said...

I love it when you post pix of your son. He's so stinkin' cute! Makes me want another one. Have a good 'break'. I'll miss you!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

What a sweetie! Have a good time off.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Enjoy your R & R!!!!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Elijah is adorable, children are such a blessing, enjoy! Hugs***Renea

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hi Suz! He is darling! Enjoy your time off my dear! Before you know it Elijah will be grown and out of the house. I swear I blinked and my kids grew up that fast! 22 and 21 years old already! But I keep telling myself I am getting younger when they get older. The good think about it is that I had them in my early twenties. Makes me a young mom in my book! At least I hope so!

See you when you get back!


Jenn said...

Hi sweet pea sUz!
Hope you've been having a
wonderful break...full of
fun with that yummy Elijah.
I'm tellin' you...I just want
to chew on that little cutie!!!!
I think that is the cutest age too:):):) big hugs xoxox...jenn

Jackie said...

Love your art....hopefully your recharging and relaxing! I know exactly how you feel. Take care, Jackie

Huckleberry Arts said...

I am late As my norm I hope you all shared a beautiful 1st Birthday!!!!!!!!

And Thank you for the well wishes for Jesse May Was a great day

They grow to fast don't they!!

Hope it was beautiful