July 4, 2008

sPirit oF iNdePenDenCe

haPpy 4th!
may the spirit of independence live within you
in jOy,


Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

And within you, too, sUz!!!! Hugs, Trudy

annas dreams blog said...

Hello Suz: I hope you had a great 4th of July. Huge Hug!! Lillian

Jenn said...

look at that cute hat you made!! Hope you are havin' a good week:)

Tammy said...

Suz, let me know what works best for you regarding me picking up my custom order. How often are you in Boone? you can send me an email if it is easier - tceury@aol.com

Krissysart said...

Happy 4th and beyond, my friend!!

Huckleberry Arts said...

Hi there suz!! You have a little something on my blog for you

Have a beautiful day

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Suz it's me stopping by to say howdy!!

I am pleased to let you know that I would love to nominate you with a blog award. Stop over at my blog for details!


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hope your 4th was wonderful. Mine was great, had lots of family there, lots of fun! Hugs***Renea