June 22, 2008

rOunDiNg uP tHe weEkeNd

We had some awesome thunderstorms this afternoon and early evening. Everything is fresh and new again after the rains. I enjoy this bit of peace.

Saturday night we went camping off the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was my first time and eLijAh's and dAiSy lOu's too! eLijAh had a little trouble falling asleep but other than that he was a champ! Miss dAiSy was just great. It stormed a bit late afternoon and then again overnight. Thank goodness our tent didn't leak! iSaAc has some pics of us on his camera so I'll get those up for you when I snag it from him.

The other bit of news worth celebrating is my work area is finally finished! YipPee!!! It's not perfect but I don't know if it can ever be that way - I'm too messy when I create. I've put everything in clear storage containers so I know what I have instead of digging through boxes. The challenge is putting things away when I'm done with them. I usually have piles of things scattered around me. That may always be the case but at least everything now has a home.

I want to end with a GIVEAWAY! I experimented with this little fellow which I call a "hUmbLe heArt". He can sit propped up or hang. He's just over seven inches tall and is three inches wide. He's what I call an "oOps!" project as his head is a bit mis-shapen. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE funky shaped heads but this one didn't do it for me. Just any comment will do and I'll draw on fRidAy, jUne 27.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I've got to get busy for the spOoKytiMe jiNgLes launch but I'll check in soon with everyone!

iN jOy,



Jenn said...

sUz, your space looks fabulous! So sparkly and clean you lucky girl!! That view is breathtaking...so glad you guys had fun camping:) Last, but not least, CONGRATS on the spookytime jingles site!! Can't wait to see your goodies for the launch:):):)


Krissysart said...

Oh, boy! I love a giveaway. Also, send me your address again so I can get you an ATC in the mail. Can't wait to trade with you. You already know I'm a huge fan!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Suz, Looks so organized. I need to do that badly with mine as well. It's funny you said about being a messy crafter. I am exactly the same way. I love the clear storage containers. Great Idea. You can see exactly what is inside.

Happy creating now is such a beautiful organized place.


Diane Duda said...

oh, i know all about wonky-headed oops's! yours doesn't look bad at all...he's quite charming. :)


LuLu said...

Bonjour Suz! Baby Elijah looks ADORABLE ! I think I want one just like that ! He looks so cute and mischeavious! I think that art can not be created in a clean everything-is-put-away state. No matter how a working space is organized, I think our surrounding becomes an piece of art too, as the work on our tables evolves. My studio is a great room but it is always messy. I clean it up after each painting but no matter what, it is alive and has a life of its own! Best wishes on your new Spookytime Jingles! I will make sure to visit! Take care, LuLu xxx

Heather said...

Wow, look at all that organization! Awesome craft area :)
Your camping trip looks like it was beautiful!~
Thanks for visiting!~

Carmen said...

Oh my word, that view is spectacular. Wanna trade? lol I long for those hills. I could get lost staring out among them. I have a great view of the ocean, so I can't complain, but wow that picture is breathtaking!



ellie said...

Hot dog! Well done! Now you can create with abandon!
love and light,