May 7, 2008

aNotHer wEdnEsdAy heLLo

eLijAh & me looking at each other in a mirror

Hi everyone! I can't believe a week has gone by since my last post! Things have been nutty around here this past week. My husband's work van broke down (it's now running just fine) and he's been working long hours to finish a house (my husband, iSaAC, is a licensed plumber and is involved with a HUGE housing development). Since he's so involved with eLijAh, I've really missed his help in the late afternoon early evening hours. It also means I've had to do more office work since he's busy working again. I say again because it's been over a year since he's had steady work. We moved here last March thinking he would easily find work but that wasn't the case. It's looking SO much better now, hooray!!! All of this is a lesson in time management and priorities.

Things will be settling down in the next few days so I'll be able to have a shop update soon - yiPpEe!!! I'll be sure to keep you posted! :) In the meantime, be well!

iN jOy,



Carmen said...

Good to "see" you. Hope things settle down for you soon!



Tammy said...

yes, the work is very seasonal here in the mountains. He will really be busy for the next 6 months or so.

But, don't you love the weather?

I can't wait to see what you are going to create next.



Krissysart said...

Suz....glad to here things are going better. And...I got my Kitty, WOOHOO! I gave you a big happy post on my site (hopefully SOMEBODY will see it!). I love that kitty so much I threatened my kids when they tried to play with it!

Tammy said...

Suz, it's me again. you asked if i was close to Black Mtn. That is about 70 miles away. I live in Valle Crucis which is about 5 miles from Vilas or Boone.

Jenn said...

ooooh...a peek at sUz!! What cuties you both are:):):) I just hung your houses in my living room and I almost cried I love them SO much!!!!! Thank you:) xoxoxo...jenn