April 25, 2008


Hello everyone! Since I got the pictures downloaded earlier than I thought I would (my husband came home from work early :)), here's a preview of tonight's shop update:
Here's pEneLoPe:
This is mAgiCaL mAgGie:
A fun tinsel topped pin:
bLaCk cAt oRnaMenT:
and finally, my new series of house ornaments called "my neiGhbOrhOod", this is the first one, "be weLL". Wouldn't you like to live in this neighborhood? The inspiration came from jeNn's lUlleTTe houses and kaJsA's fabric applique' houses. I have more in progress but just didn't get them finished in time for tonight's update. All that means is I'll have another shop update really soon!

See you tonight, I hope! :)
iN jOy,


browningtonforest said...

Very cute, I especially love the cats :)

Jenn said...

oooooh my gosh! SO fun!!!
See you there:):)


Sara Mincy said...

Just found your site and etsy store- I lOVE your stuff! Great work- cute and funky.

annas dreams blog said...

Beautiful new creations, congratulations Suz, all of them are so Cute.

Tif said...

I love them all, but the Cat is my favorite! So cute. I love that you love Halloween like I love Halloween. I'm so ready to pull out my orange and black paint now. :-)

Carmen said...

Adorable!!! Love them!

Ms Dragonfly said...

these are great, love the kitty :)