April 2, 2008

mY sPaCe

Hi everyone! Wanna take a tour? Well, kind of a tour. I'm excited, and a bit embarrassed, to show you all my work loft. Right now we are living in a small log cottage (our lease is up and the house is for sale, and we'll be moving, but that's for another time) and very much cramped and crowded in this small space. But I am ever grateful that I have this loft and lovely view of the mountains from the large triangular window that's in front of my little card table.
So let's begin:
When you first walk up the stairs you will be greeted by my sweet dAisy lOu who is snubbing the camera. She's a fixture in her leather recliner and her constant snoring and other bodily noises keep me company while I'm working into the wee hours of the night. That's my work table against the window and my Nana's antique chair that I sit in while I work.
Next, if you look to the left you will see boxes, plastic storage containers, and all sorts of mess. There's fiber fill for the weirdo dolls and houses I want to make; my wood carving tools, a basket full of odds and ends that I can't part with because I might need them; and my shipping box.
This is a close up of my shipping box. It has all my labels, cards, and little treats that I send along with an order.
Now, if you look to your right, you will see a wall of plastic storage boxes against the railing. These hold all my craft and art supplies (ink, stamps, paint, glitter, ribbon, etc.) that I need to have easily accessible - not in some of those boxes to the left shoved in a corner. You will notice I also use these as a table for my papers and other what-nots I'm working with.
Okay, if you look dead ahead you will see my little work table, my sewing machine under it on the floor and to your right my small shrine of goodies and inspiration sitting atop a stack of craft magazines on the railing. There's my Mount Olive pickle jar I wash my brushes in, my mister that sends out the scent of essential oils, a plastic container full of papers, plastic baggies with vintage stamps and papier mache pieces, and on and on...

Here's a closer view of my work table. Believe it or not, it really IS organized. There are some stamp house collage pins that are getting ready for their debut and a weird halloween doll I'm working on.
Well, that concludes the tour - thank you reNea!
My next post will announce my next shop update so in the meantime I'm back to work! Have a great night!
iN jOy,


Jennifer DeDonato said...

Fun to see where all the magic happens!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Hey Suz, Your place looks like a great place to work. I would never show my place. Talk about embarrassing. Not gonna happen!

Oh so sweet, Daisy Lou! I wish I had a companion by my side.


Victorian Lady said...

Hey Suz! So nice to know where my "A Happy Life" came from! And the window! How cool! Can't wait to see the pumpkin doll!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi there, so surprised that you posted your work space! I love it ,,and it does look soooo organized! Thanks for show & tell of your work area! Hugs***Renea

Jenn said...

This is so fun sUz!! I LOVE seeing artists' workspaces!! You have so many yummy supplies that I want to look through and play with:) I can't wait to see those houses!!!! yippppeeeee:)


annas dreams blog said...

I wish to show my space, but still can't find a nice old desk, until then I will show my space. It's very nice the window in your working place, very relaxing.