March 10, 2008

mOndAy, mOndAy

hoOrAy, a giVeAwAy!

That's right, this funky primitive bunny magnet can be yours! I've collaged an image from a rusty pickle paper design (I wish it was my own!) onto a piece of papier mache and sealed it with a soft sparkle varnish.

I had such a fun time with the first giveaway, I HAD to do it again! Just leave a comment on this post and your name will get thrown into my little tin bucket. The drawing will be Sunday, March 16th.

I have been so consumed lately by the etsy treasury - so many beautiful collections - and bravo! tv. Just can't seem to get enough of either one. I can't say I was too surprised about the Project Runway finale. Such a great show, so sad to see it go...but, Top Chef will start this week and I love that too!

eLijAh is teething so it's been a difficult week and a half. I treasure my time after he goes to bed, even more so lately!

I'm off to catch up with everyone! I've not been the best blogger lately and I'm feeling a bit guilty about that. Who knew?

iN jOy,


Cathy Nichols Art said...

This is a super-cute bunny! Thank you, also, for visiting my blog! :) So glad I could discover your work. It's great.

Adriana Whitney said...

Hi Suz, I love the bunny! I am catching up with the blogs too, it was very refreshing to see yours. Your baby, your art, all so precious.
Love xoxo

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Darling Magnet Suz!

I am kinda like your with the Bravo channel. That little fella Christian has lots of talent. I will miss it as well.

Top chef here we come.

Keeping up with the blogging is hard sometimes. I can only imagine having a little one a trying to do it.

Kim H

Carmen said...

What a cute bunny!

Adriana Whitney said...

You have bee tagged! go to my blog to see the instructions. Have a great day! xoxo

Krissysart said...

I love a giveaway. I feel your pain with the teething. My 2 year old is STILL cutting teeth. Will it never end??

Anonymous said...

Hi sUz, I love the Bunny magnet!!! You are so talented! Thanks for sending the pins so fast! They're even cuter in person! Take care! Amy Wingate.

Jenn said...

sUz, you are the best! This bunny is sooo adorable:) Thank you so much for giving my little Lulette house a home too!!! Love me some Bravo:) Wasn't that the best PR finale ever? The talent was so amazing!! xoxo...jenn

Alyice Edrich said...

How fun. Count me in. :)

sarah said...

Cute funny bunny!
Lila is teething too, however she is 18 months old! She finally has her front four teeth and is now cutting her eye teeth.

Diane Duda said...

Throw me in the bucket please, Suz!


Connie said...

I will join the bucket brigade! Also inviting you to view

Shelly said...

yippeee....a draw...count me in plese


Browningtonforest said...

I love this bunny!
Your stuff is great..
A giveaway is a great idea..I may need to borrow that idea.Hehe.
Peace and love!

michelle said...

Oh I would love to have another Easter bunny!

Victorian Lady said...

Hey suz! I thought rami would win...tivoing top chef...if only they'd post some of those recipes. I had a paper mache nightmare... you would have lol'd! I almost emailed you for help...i'll never make a darth vader pinata again! good luck with the teething!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Can't tell you how much I love the little birds you sell in your Etsy shop. I was way excited when I got my new one in the mail last week. Make more!

Cute bunny...I'm in!