March 20, 2008

ceLebRate sPriNg wiTh mE!

At long last sPriNg is here, yippee, hooray! However, this morning we were treated to a dusting of sPriNg snow. Anyway, in celebration of the new season and to celebrate how wonderful, kind, and supportive you all are, I'm offering this sweet bird ornament for my next giveaway. Once again, just leave a comment on this post and your name will go into my trusty (not rusty) little metal bucket. Who will it be this time? I'll pick the winner on eAsteR. wOw is it ever early this year!
Hope this finds you well and in good spirits!
iN jOy,


Jennifer DeDonato said...

Pick me! Pick me!


Victorian Lady said...

Oh Suz! I am the first one! :) You KNOW I love your work! :)

I'm doing a giveaway first one if you are interested! :)


Leanne said...

Hi Suz! I love this sooooo much! All your pieces are so delicate and pretty! :)

Carmen said...

Oh my gosh, how adorable is that!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Suz,
I would LOVE to win your "Spring Birdie" to place in my new house my family is moving into next week!!! I'll have sweet touches of SUPRISE, DELIGHT AND JOY in our new home! Love, Amy Wingate.
P.S. I LOVE halloween,too.

Connie said...

I am so ready for the spring birdies!!! And yours are sweet. Connie

annas dreams blog said...

I adore your work, this birdie are ameazing. What are the rules?, can I enter again?? Pleeeeaseeeeee ha ha. Let's break the rules!!! haha.

syko kajsa said...

Such a sweet little bird! I like your style!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! We have moved-cards is a great idea!

ellie said...

I wanna win! HE IS SO CUTE! Love it.
much love to you, Suz,

Tif said...

This bird is wonderful!!