January 26, 2008

oH nO, i'Ve lOst mY mOjO!!!

Eeeek!!! I'm stuck!!! Zip, nada, zilch! My creativity just disappeared. This hasn't happened to me in a LONG time. Nothing is coming together. I have bits of things ready to work on but it's not happening. I took the last two nights off thinking it would get better. Nope. So I'm busy browsing other blogs and paper shops to help get my juices flowing again.
Fortunately, before this happened I was able to finish an art card. It's for sale on eBay here.
Hopefully I will be feeling like myself again soon! I really want to have a shop update this coming week so I'm just going to have to work through it.
Time to sit down and see what happens tonight!
iN jOy,


annas dreams blog said...

Hello Suz: Of course that not happening, this card is Beautiful, so all your talent is all over your hands. I would love to see more of your bird ornaments, but this time with hats. :), or how about doll ornaments..:), you paper collage is awesome and you pick just the right colors for them, I love all you creations. Have a good night and I see you tomorrow :) Lillian.

ellie said...

Oh, it's not lost, it's just playing with you!
How about a creative challenge? I give you some elements and you have to create something out of them? Are you up for it?
I did this with writing when I couldn't get a single word on paper, and I was so surprised what I came up with.
Reply and I will give you 6 elements (the number of love!) to work with.
Take a deep breath. Your mojo is playful. It just wants to play hide and seek. Are you game?

Victorian Lady said...

Hi Suz!
Thank you for adding me to your list of blogs! I'm honored :)

You haven't lost your mojo, it's probably just out and about collecting a whole bunch of new ideas for you. :)

Why not turn on the radio? I get ideas sometimes from the songs I hear.

Have fun!

Jenn said...

oh no sUz!! Don't worry...it happens to ALL of us! You'll get your mojo back soon...I know it!
I got my special package yesterday and it was the highlight of my day:) Thank you for such sweet little gems. I love them both so much and will treasure them along with my 1st little heart from you. xoxoxo...jenn

LuLu said...

Bonjour Suz! Mojos come and go, it is just part of the normal creative juice flow, sometimes it comes dripping, so others it comes flowing. It is also like a tide, sometimes it drowns you, other times you just swim on top of the waves! I am glad you are doing the creative crawl again, keep up the good work, your art in astonishing! Have a great week and thanks for your great comments on my blog! Come often! Take care, LuLu

lunara said...

.. oh but this card is so beautiful..., love your cute designs.. 8 )

Jennifer DeDonato said...

This is the best card...I love it.

ironbru1 said...

That's how I found you!
I was not getting anywhere with my art so I was cruising the blogs!

I love your stuff.
Ya I was going way back reading it!