January 27, 2008

tHe beSt bLoG friEnDs

You all are simply the best blog friends! Thank you for your encouraging words - it means so much to me (((hugs))).

LiLLiAn, I love your idea of adding hats to my birds - that could be so much fun!
eLLie, I am up for your creative challenge, bring it on!
meRE, I love the idea of my mojo being "out and about" discovering new things - what fun!
jeNn, I appreciate your kind words, you are such a sweetie!

I am starting to piece some things together and there seems to be a twinge of creativity emerging. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you all so much, you are the best!

iN lOve & iN jOy,


Adriana Whitney said...

You've been tagged! I picked you out of my 5 blog friends.
Have a great day!!

annas dreams blog said...

Hi Suz: What a nice and sweet words. You are a very nice and supportive friend too. Thank You so much for everything and I always wish you the best. :). Lillian

Victorian Lady said...

:)Fingers are crossed!

Jenn said...

Hug Hug Hug sUz!!! I'm looking at my precious little house from you right now and I ADORE it so much. Maybe you could do some birds in houses!!?? Could I be any more obsessed with birds and houses??

I also wanted to let you know that I am a bad bad blogger and never recognized my awesome award from you!!! I am going to do that in my next post because it really meant so much to me...I'm just a terrible procrastinator;O