December 6, 2007

hOorAy, nEw gOodiEs!

Yipee! Finally finished and listed some new treats. Listed below are a few new things that I've listed in my etsy shop:

This festive collage ACEO is listed in my eBay shop. I've listed a couple of collage pins too.

All is well here. I'm somewhat sad because it's time to move on to other projects that don't involve Christmas. There's a few more items that need finishing but that will be it. I plan on having a few winter items and lots of hearts in the coming week.

It's an early night for me. Nighty night.

iN jOy,

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I love them Suz!! They are really adorable!! I'm kind of looking forward to moving on to some Valentines things myself;) Happy weekend to you...xox