December 1, 2007

aLL iS cALm

It is a quiet night; sweet baby Elijah is now fast asleep. My sister sent me this picture from yesterday's fun. I just love this little guy (gush, gush)!

Thanks to Jenn for being a wonderful teacher - she taught me how to make my text more interesting by adding links (I did it, hooray!). She is as kind as she is talented. Be sure to visit her awesome shop, . She also has listings on eBay. Her energy is infectious; you will feel great when you look at her work.

I'm working on some fun projects; I can't wait to share them with all of you! I'm off like a dirty sock - lots to do!
iN jOy,

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Jenn said...

awwww...Suz! What a treat for me!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!! I'm so glad you were able to figure it out from my wonky directions;) Your sweet little Elijah makes me want 10 more babies. That smile!!

Can't wait to see your new goodies!! xoxox..jenn