November 29, 2007

a miD mOrNiNg bReAk

I've a got a few quiet moments as sweet baby Elijah is napping. This blog thing is addictive; I'm so enjoying it! There is so much to learn - bare with me. I'd like to be able to use some of these great features - trial and error for sure!

Today I've got a few things to pack and mail out. A big hug and thanks to those fantastic people who support and encourage me.

Still working on those cut outs for collage ornaments. I hope by Sunday to have a few of them listed. They are so much fun to piece together!

I am sporting a new hair do - off with all of my long wavy red hair. I have a chic new cut, way short in the back and longer in the front. I can feel the chilly air on the nape of my neck and I love it! It also means I can wear my favorite green knit hat. That makes me oh so happy.

Off to plerk! That's my friend Eleanor's word for work that's play.

iN jOy,


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