November 30, 2007

bUsy aS A bEe

Wow, time is flying by! Tomorrow is Dec 1; where are my elves?!

Today was a fun day. Elijah and I visited my sister and her three kids - we had a blast! Now it's time to get back to the business of creating. The kids are such an inspiration. I've recently started exchanging ACEO/ATCs with them. They absolutely love it. If I think of it, I'll photograph and post some of their fun pieces.

Still working on collages and ornaments to be ready for Sunday listing. Tonight will be a busy and productive night. I suppose it's time for me to get started!

iN jOy,

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Jenn said...

Hi Suz!! Thank you so much for your wonderful message tonight! I'm so thrilled to meet you and I love your blog! I just saved your shop as a favorite and tomorrow I am gonna do some shopping and add you to my favorite blogs too!! add links on a the following:

When you create a new post make sure you click on "compose" at the top right of your new post box. This will display all the stuff you need in your tool bar. It shows font style, size, "b" for bold, "i" for italic, a little color grid for font color, and then the little green bubble thing...this is the "link" button.

(sorry if you know all this so far...this is the way my husband had to explain it to me!)

In a seperate window I have the page I want to link. Right click and copy that link. Now back on your blog post...highlight whatever words you want to be able to click on to go up to your tool bar and click on that green bubble link button. A smaller window will pop up...erase the highlighted http... they already have started and paste your address link here and click ok. This will turn whatever those words were into an underlined link! Hope that makes sense...I'll check back in with you tomorrow to see if it does! I'm off to bed a little early tonight... xoxo..jenn

ps...Sweet baby Elijah is absolutely precious. I LOVE that age so much!!! And I LOVE the idea of exchanging atc's with your nieces/nephews! My son Jake enjoys making them with me too! so fun...